UK Gambling Laws and Regulations

Some countries prohibit betting casinos. Others allow but people must follow certain rules. In United Kingdom, the government allows such industry in certain guidelines. The casinos are regulated under the authority of Department for Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS). The regulations apply not only to the physical gaming arena but also to the online gaming companies.

There are different games regulated by the UK gambling laws. Casino, bingo, lotteries, sports betting, scratch cards, and arcades are some of the gaming forms allowed in this region.

Commercial bingo and casino buildings are allowed given that the establishment permits players via membership basis. The companies' profit shall come from the membership fees of their patriots. Later on, the UK gambling laws almost approve a resort style institutions for the players. A plan is built for a gaming establishment to stand in Manchester, which is patterned to those in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, the law eventually disapproves the plan and continues with smaller gaming halls.

There are also opportunities for sports bettors. Bookmarkers for horse racing, football, and greyhound racing are available in United Kingdom. These are legalized around 1960. The online market of sports betting in this region is very profitable. In fact, it is estimated to cost around £650 million. This amount continuously grows as the number of players increases over years.

Before, lotteries are strictly prohibited in UK. In 1934, small lotteries begin to operate legally. The laws become more liberal few years after. However, the geographical scope of a particular lottery is limited. The government has established a national lottery in 1993. Thunderball, Lotto, and other known brands freely run under this national lottery. In 2004, EuroMillions, which presently operates in nine (9) countries, is founded also by the national lottery. The profits from these lotteries are divided among the organizers, ticket sellers, and the state.

One of the most accessible staking games in this region is the scratch card. Due to its availability and affordability, these small cards are being patronized by people in the UK. You just have to scratch the card to win exciting prizes. Also, there are amusement arcades regulated by the UK gambling laws. Adult gaming centers and family entertainment centers are included under the amusement arcades.